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Stop and Grow: Big Chains Put Brakes on Waste, Boost Digital

Waste reduction and digital expansion are two major foodservice trends. Learn how top restaurant chains are leading the charge with innovative solutions.

The Rise of Ghost Kitchens: What to Know

Find out how ghost kitchens are helping both established restaurants and new dining concepts make delivery a cost-effective option.

Socially Delectable: Foodservice Operators Savor Social and Digital Channels

Learn how the COVID-19 shift to social and digital channels resulted in pop-up restaurants on Instagram and a gold rush of consumer data for top chains.

Kitchen Heat: A Look Back at a Pressure-Cooker Year

Despite the disastrous impact of COVID-19, the foodservice industry rallied with menu innovation and technological advances. Explore three key trends.

A Plateful of Potential: Foodservice Ingenuity Revives Revenue

COVID-19 continues to take foodservice in new directions. Explore the pandemic's far-reaching ramifications as foodservice operations adapt and evolve.

Foodservice Turns Inside Out: Restaurants Reinvent Themselves for Off-Premises Business

Learn how Taco Bell, Shack Shake and other fast casual chains are reinventing their restaurant formats to accommodate off-premise business growth.

Hungry for Digital Sales: Pandemic Continues to Propel Foodservice Innovation Forward

The pandemic continues to transform foodservice with a shift to off-premise sales. Learn how Chic-Fil-A and Captain D's are adapting to the new norm.

Power to the Pizza! A Foodservice Staple Continues to Drive Profits with Delivery

Pizza chains such as Papa John's and Marco's Pizza continue to show the bottom-line importance of menu innovation and delivery technology during COVID-19.

Devouring Digital: Major Chains Feast on Innovative Promotions

McDonald's, Chipotle and other top chains are cooking up creative promotions to power sales during the pandemic. Explore a few of the most noteworthy.

For the Love of Loyalty: Restaurant Chains Link Customers to More Rewards

Major restaurant chains offer highly personalized loyalty programs to optimize sales during COVID-19. Explore key loyalty program trends from top brands.

From Bust to Must:  Pitfalls and Profits in the COVID-19 Age

While many restaurants struggle under the weight of third-party delivery fees, major brands such as Panera and using digital technology to drive sales.

Sunny-Side Up: Breakfast Rises and Shines to Meet Growing Demand for Delivery

Restaurants are scrambling to meet growing consumer demand for breakfast delivery. Learn how operators are bringing delivery to the morning daypart.

Plant-Based Foodservice Market Grows, Sprouts Debate

The influence of the plant-based foodservice trend is growing . Explore the pros and cons of plant-based menu innovation for restaurant operations.

Oh Say Can You Z: Gen Z On Target to Bring More Traffic On Premises in the U.S.

Gen Z is emerging as a driving force in foodservice trends. Gain insight to help tailor menu innovation to its tastes and encourage a higher check average.

At The Culinary Crossroads: Non-Commercial Foodservice Trends

From over-the-top burgers to plant-based dishes to power bowls, non-commercial foodservice trends are evolving. Explore non-commercial menu innovation.

Market Bytes: Foodservice Tech Takes a Bigger Place at the Table

Tech innovation transforms foodservice operations. Explore the tech trends that help drive a higher check average in the millennial dining market.

Wrap Up: Juicy Morsels from the 2019 Global Foodservice Year in Review

What foodservice predictions panned out in 2019? Learn how the trends evolved and gain insight for menu innovation to help drive a higher check average.

All Together Now: Driving Foodservice Sales On and Off Premises

To manage costs and foster a higher check average, foodservice operations need a holistic sales approach. Explore ways to boost business in store and out.

Social Climber: Social Media Takes Foodservice Sales to New Heights

The Twitter frenzy over Popeyes chicken sandwich gives foodservice operations food for thought. Learn how social media helps spur a higher check average.

Riding High: 2020 Foodservice Delivery Trends

2020 presents a feast of takeout and delivery sales potential for foodservice operations. Explore the trends that could lead to a higher check average.

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