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The Skinny on Foodservice Innovation: Trim the Fat, Beef Up Technology

Learn how the COVID-19 has compelled major restaurant chains to trim menus and integrate technology to manage margins more effectively and increase sales.

Foodservice Turns Inside Out: Restaurants Reinvent Themselves for Off-Premises Business

Learn how Taco Bell, Shack Shake and other fast casual chains are reinventing their restaurant formats to accommodate off-premise business growth.

Can’t Curb the Enthusiasm: Foodservice Consumers Brake for Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup is claiming a growing share of off-premise business. Learn how the trend is impacting the foodservice and how chains are adapting.

Hungry for Digital Sales: Pandemic Continues to Propel Foodservice Innovation Forward

The pandemic continues to transform foodservice with a shift to off-premise sales. Learn how Chic-Fil-A and Captain D's are adapting to the new norm.

Back to Basics: A Second Helping of Tried and True Feeds the Bottom Line

Major chains like Burger King and McDonald's are revisiting and reinventing basics of the customer experience. Learn how they're making the old new again.

Power to the Pizza! A Foodservice Staple Continues to Drive Profits with Delivery

Pizza chains such as Papa John's and Marco's Pizza continue to show the bottom-line importance of menu innovation and delivery technology during COVID-19.

Off-Premises Foodservice Here to Stay as Dining Rooms Reopen

Even as consumers return to onsite dining, off-premise channels continue to grow. Learn how DoorDash drives growth and expands the reach of restaurants.

Mixed Bag: Big Restaurant Chains Explore Recipes for Success During Pandemic

Domino's, McDonald's and Del Taco are boosting sales with varying degrees of success. Discover the ways these chains are navigating COVID-19 challenges.

Devouring Digital: Major Chains Feast on Innovative Promotions

McDonald's, Chipotle and other top chains are cooking up creative promotions to power sales during the pandemic. Explore a few of the most noteworthy.

Drive and Determination: Big Chains Get Big Gains with Emphasis on Drive-Thrus

Drive-thrus help restaurant chains mitigate the falloff in foot traffic from the pandemic. See how McDonald's and others use drive-thrus to fuel sales.

A Tale of Three QSRs: Taco Bell, McDonald's and Chick-fil-A Cook Up Menu Innovation

Explore how Taco Bell, McDonald's and Chick-fil-A are altering their menus to meet market demand and maximize sales.

For the Love of Loyalty: Restaurant Chains Link Customers to More Rewards

Major restaurant chains offer highly personalized loyalty programs to optimize sales during COVID-19. Explore key loyalty program trends from top brands.

Noncommercial Foodservice: Pandemic Prepared and Palate Pleasing

Communal dining is being transformed by COVID-19. Learn how noncommercial foodservice is adapting, from menu innovation to cafeteria reconfiguration.

From Bust to Must:  Pitfalls and Profits in the COVID-19 Age

While many restaurants struggle under the weight of third-party delivery fees, major brands such as Panera and using digital technology to drive sales.

Success to Go: Cooking Up Incentives to Whet Appetite for Delivery and Takeout

Delivery is surging, but third-party platforms drain profits. Explore restaurant strategies to mitigate the costs of third-party delivery platforms.

A Hunger for Safety: Digital Foodservice Links to Consumer Confidence

As consumer confidence drops with the rise in COVID-19 cases, restaurants leverage digital innovations for contactless delivery. Explore key strategies.

Carried Away: Takeout and Delivery Continue to Pick Up Speed Despite On-site Dining

Delivery and takeout are increasingly tech-driven as dine-in service continues to stall. Explore a few of the latest off-premise trends from top brands.

Second Helpings: Large Restaurant Chains Pile Up Sales Despite COVID-19

Learn why national restaurant brands are rebounding from the COVID-19 crisis while sales at small chains and independent restaurants remain sluggish.

In Restaurants We Trust: New COVID-19 Cases Turn Up the Heat on Operator Credibility

Gain expert insight to navigate the challenges facing dine-in services at restaurants and prepare your foodservice operation for a resurgence of COVI9-19.

Turning the Tables: Restaurant Operations Prep to Reopen (Part 1)

As dine-in restrictions are lifted, restaurants prepare to reopen while minimizing coronavirus risk. Explore how menus and operations are adapting.

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