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A Hearty Appetite for Automation: Top Restaurant Chains Tap Next-Gen Tech to Feed Sales

COVID-19 accelerated foodservice innovation. Learn how Domino's and McDonald's are testing next-gen tech to extend the momentum for post-pandemic profits.

Snack and React:  Snacking Soars, Family Dining Dips as Foodservice Industry Reinvents Itself

While snacks overtook meals during COVID-19, family dining had to be transformed. Explore how Golden Corral, IHOP, and others are reinventing themselves.

Leaner, Faster, Smarter: Menus Shrink, Drive-Thrus Pick Up Speed

The aftershocks of the pandemic are sure to linger, as restaurant chains continue to pare down menus and reimagine the dining experience, off premises and on.

Pecking Order: Record Chicken Sales Lead to Shortage

The chicken sandwich wars have reached a new level as demand surpasses supply. Explore the latest stage in the evolution of this key foodservice trend.

Stop and Grow: Big Chains Put Brakes on Waste, Boost Digital

Waste reduction and digital expansion are two major foodservice trends. Learn how top restaurant chains are leading the charge with innovative solutions.

A Moveable Feast: Restaurant Chains Bid Goodbye to Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

Learn how major restaurant chains like McDonald's are improving margins by moving out of big-box retail stores for stand-alone locations with drive-thrus.

Rustling Up Resiliency: Top Chains Make Big Gains Despite Pandemic

Explore how major restaurant chains have managed to boost sales despite COVID-19 and learn what to expect as they continue to build on their success.

Socially Delectable: Foodservice Operators Savor Social and Digital Channels

Learn how the COVID-19 shift to social and digital channels resulted in pop-up restaurants on Instagram and a gold rush of consumer data for top chains.

Restaurant Rock Stars: Serving Up Hope and Help During the Pandemic

COVID-19 plunged the restaurant industry into a dark period, yet the best in people shined through. Read 3 inspiring profiles of resiliency and goodwill.

Restaurants Redux: Foodservice Preps for Post-Pandemic Profits

Explore how the stimulus package, rising COVID-19 vaccination rates and the return of dine-in services are poised to make business bloom this spring.

Sales Surge: Consumers Dig In to Foodservice Despite Pandemic

Learn why sales at Texas Roadhouse and Jack in the Box have sizzled during COVID-19 and how these brands have made the leap from surviving to thriving.

Restaurant Revenue Reimagined: Pandemic Dishes Out Disruption

Learn how pandemic-propelled innovation continues to reshape the restaurant industry, with menu enhancements and artificial intelligence at drive-thrus.

Sizzling Sales: Burger Chains Post Beefy Gains

McDonald's and Wendy's exemplify the trend of fast-food restaurants accelerating sales during COVID-19. Learn how the burger giants eat up market share.

Snacking Comes of Age: Understand Generational Preferences to Position Your Menu for Success

Snacking has increased in recent years. Here’s how to customize your offerings to satisfy the unique preferences of every generation.

Opportunity Is Served: Foodservice Gets Taste of Better Days Ahead

As foodservice transitions away from the COVID-19 crisis, operators enter a new era of opportunity. Explore key factors leading to a feast of sales.

Taste of Success: Building on Foodservice Wins in 2020

Explore the innovations, from off-premises to ghost kitchens to blended meals, that helped restaurants survive in 2020 and could help them thrive in 2021.

No Chickening Out: Big Chains Dig in to Win the Chicken Sandwich Wars

Sales of chicken sandwiches continue to soar as chains step up efforts to capitalize on the trend. Explore the latest chicken sandwich product launches.

Business Booster: COVID-19 Vaccine Poised to Give Foodservice Sales a Shot in the Arm

With the COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon, restaurant operations prep for another seismic shift. Explore the vaccine's implications for the industry.

Kitchen Heat: A Look Back at a Pressure-Cooker Year

Despite the disastrous impact of COVID-19, the foodservice industry rallied with menu innovation and technological advances. Explore three key trends.

The Skinny on Foodservice Innovation: Trim the Fat, Beef Up Technology

Learn how the COVID-19 has compelled major restaurant chains to trim menus and integrate technology to manage margins more effectively and increase sales.

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