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App and You Shall Receive: Digital Links Tech and Menu Innovation

Digital integration continues for restaurant brands, despite returning foot traffic. Learn the latest ways Denny's and Chipotle use digital to drive sales.

Love at First Site: Foodservice Increasingly Linking Up Staff and Tech

Learn how parent companies of major restaurant chains are stepping up efforts to ensure foodservice staff and technology are in sync for optimal sales.

Innovation Acceleration: Faster, Smarter, Better Foodservice Drives Sales Higher

The rate of tech innovation in foodservice continues to accelerate. Chipotle's surging digital sales and Walmart's Ghost Kitchens exemplify the trend.

Not Winging It: More Chicken Innovation, Higher Sales

As the chicken sandwich wars heat up, quick service restaurants find ways to differentiate their chicken offerings and elevate the customer experience.

Digital Tech Investments Connect Big Restaurant Brands with Big ROI

Major investments in digital tech keep paying off for big restaurant brands. Explore the pandemic-propelled innovations paving the way to higher profits.

A Thirst for Sales: Nonalcohol Beverages Help Restaurant Operations Refresh Business

Menus are filling up on nonalcoholic beverage concepts at major chains. Explore the latest taste trends, from dessert-inspired drinks to vegan varieties.

Growing ... Growing ...Not Gone: Big Restaurant Brands Post Big Sales Despite Pandemic

Even as concerns over the Delta variant persist, major restaurant brands post surging sales. Learn how Burger King, KFC and others are boosting business.

Game On! Competition Heats Up as Restaurants Recruit Sports Stars to Score Sales

Sports promotions are a proven way to score sales for restaurants. Learn how major brands are teaming up with sports icons and fielding sports tie-ins.

Working It Out: Foodservice Cooks Up Solutions to Labor Shortage

Major restaurant chains are taking action to alleviate the post-pandemic labor crunch. Gain insight into the steps taken to attract and retain workers.

Functional Meets Flavorful: Plant-Based Concepts Keep Growing

Plant-based chicken and burgers satisfy the growing appetite for flavor and function. Learn how Project Pollo and Odd Burger are meeting consumer demand.

Secret to Success: Major Restaurant Chains Crack Code of Customization with Secret Menus

Secret menus provide foodservice operations with cost-effective opportunities for customization. Explore secret menu items from major restaurant chains.

Growing Pains: Big Chains Post Strong Pandemic Sales, Struggle with Post-Pandemic Demand

Now that restrictions have lifted, restaurant operations are straining to find staff to accommodate dine-in demand. Explore how major chains are coping.

Extra Helping: Foodservice Operators Tap More Tech to Propel Profits

Tech innovations at major restaurant brands are opening up new sales horizons. Learn how drones and digital are poised to propel profits to new heights.

Hot Streak: Restaurant Business Heats Up as Pandemic Winds Down

Applebee's, Chipotle and Dave & Buster's are among the major restaurant chains on the rebound. Learn how they're cooking up post-pandemic profitability.

A Hearty Appetite for Automation: Top Restaurant Chains Tap Next-Gen Tech to Feed Sales

COVID-19 accelerated foodservice innovation. Learn how Domino's and McDonald's are testing next-gen tech to extend the momentum for post-pandemic profits.

Snack and React:  Snacking Soars, Family Dining Dips as Foodservice Industry Reinvents Itself

While snacks overtook meals during COVID-19, family dining had to be transformed. Explore how Golden Corral, IHOP, and others are reinventing themselves.

Leaner, Faster, Smarter: Menus Shrink, Drive-Thrus Pick Up Speed

The aftershocks of the pandemic are sure to linger, as restaurant chains continue to pare down menus and reimagine the dining experience, off premises and on.

Pecking Order: Record Chicken Sales Lead to Shortage

The chicken sandwich wars have reached a new level as demand surpasses supply. Explore the latest stage in the evolution of this key foodservice trend.

Stop and Grow: Big Chains Put Brakes on Waste, Boost Digital

Waste reduction and digital expansion are two major foodservice trends. Learn how top restaurant chains are leading the charge with innovative solutions.

A Moveable Feast: Restaurant Chains Bid Goodbye to Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

Learn how major restaurant chains like McDonald's are improving margins by moving out of big-box retail stores for stand-alone locations with drive-thrus.

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