Sales & Profitability

A Taste for Tie-Ins: Celebrity Partnerships Propel Menu Innovation

Fast-casual restaurants are feasting on celebrity partnerships. Explore the trend of celebrity signature items at McDonald's, Dunkin', Friendly's and more.

Shifting Gears: Quick Service and Fast-Casual Twists and Turns

Fast casual and quick service restaurants are poised for big growth. Learn how Subway and Sizzler are navigating challenges and maximizing opportunities.

OCS Report Shows Some Recovery and New Revenue Sources

The OCS industry shows recovery and new revenue sources.

Perking Up Profits: What’s Brewing in the Coffee Shop Segment

Coffee shops continue to generate buzz and big sales. Explore data-informed insights into the strategies driving the success of Starbucks and Dutch Bros.

Spreading It Thick: How Sauces Are Feeding Business In a Big Way

Particularly popular among millennials and Gen Zers, sauces are spreading across social media. Explore the latest sauces trending at big restaurant chains.

Accelerating Advances: Catching Up with Fast Casual

Fast-casual restaurant growth continues to accelerate. Learn how Slim Chickens, Panera Bread and the fast-casual segment are driving sales to new heights.

How to Use Sweet Treats to Help Drive Profits

An enticing dessert menu can translate into higher sales — if restaurants are able to offer sweet treats that deliver what consumers want.

A Matter of Convenience: C-Stores Go All In for Dine-In and Takeout

Convenience stores are more foodservice-focused, with many integrating restaurants into their locations. Learn about the restaurants-in-c-store trend.

Keep It Flowing: Restaurant Subscriptions Open Floodgates of Sales

Restaurant operations are adapting subscription programs to meet consumer needs in the post-pandemic era. Explore restaurant subscriptions spiking sales.

A Call for Innovation: Foodservice Bottom Line Expected to Feast on Smartphone Tech in 2023

Self-order kiosks symbolize the foodservice tech revolution, but smartphones may soon replace them. Learn why smartphone tech is the future of foodservice.

At The Plate: Foodservice Ready for More Hits Than Misses in 2023

The National Restaurant Association forecasts strong growth for foodservice, but economic challenges persist. Learn how top chains innovate to drive sales.

Picking Up The Pace: Restaurants Accelerate Drive-Thru Enhancements, Ramp Up Rewards

Economic issues compel restaurants to take drive-thrus and loyalty programs to the next level. Explore restaurant drive-thru and loyalty program trends.

What's Cooking? Creative Restaurant Concepts Ignite Imaginations, Dig Into Opportunities

Economic challenges persist, but pent-up demand paves the way for new restaurant concepts. Explore two concepts poised for exponential growth in 2023.

Digging Deeper Into Digital: Restaurant Chains Ramp Up to Meet Consumer Demand

Consumers now expect foodservice to provide digital ease and convenience. Explore the data underscoring why brands like KCF are expanding digital access.

New Year, New Foodservice Frontiers: From Metaverse to the Universe and Back

How will technology continue to transform foodservice in 2023? Explore key trends and the impact they're expected to have on the restaurant industry.

Say Cheese! Pizza's Possibilities Sure to Make Foodservice Operators Smile in 2023

What culinary possibilities will pizza realize in 2023? Explore hot pizza trends and the latest pizza innovations from Taco Bell and Taco Cabana.

Next Course: 2023 Foodservice Tech Trends

Explore why two foodservice trends--off-premise restaurant formats and artificial intelligence systems--are poised to rise to new heights in 2023.

Serving Up Strategy: Restaurant Chains Navigate Mixed Menu of Opportunities and Challenges

As the pandemic fades, new opportunities and challenges arise for foodservice operators. Explore how top restaurant operations are navigating the new norm.

For Love of Loyalty: Restaurants Rustle Up Loyalty Programs to Feed Growing Demand

The appetite for loyalty apps continues to grow. Learn how restaurants are meeting demand and driving revenue with loyalty programs across segments.

Smaller, Faster, Smarter: Automated Restaurant Formats Feed the Future of Foodservice

Sweetgreen, Chili's and Panera are adopting lean, automated restaurant formats. Learn how automation is transforming the restaurant industry.

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