Restaurant Operations

Shifting Gears: Quick Service and Fast-Casual Twists and Turns

Fast casual and quick service restaurants are poised for big growth. Learn how Subway and Sizzler are navigating challenges and maximizing opportunities.

A Call for Innovation: Foodservice Bottom Line Expected to Feast on Smartphone Tech in 2023

Self-order kiosks symbolize the foodservice tech revolution, but smartphones may soon replace them. Learn why smartphone tech is the future of foodservice.

Palatable Partnerships: Brand Mashups Serve Up Endless Possibilities

Major restaurant brands are partnering to expand their reach and points of access. Explore examples of how the co-branding trend boosts check averages.

Game On! Competition Heats Up as Restaurants Recruit Sports Stars to Score Sales

Sports promotions are a proven way to score sales for restaurants. Learn how major brands are teaming up with sports icons and fielding sports tie-ins.

Working It Out: Foodservice Cooks Up Solutions to Labor Shortage

Major restaurant chains are taking action to alleviate the post-pandemic labor crunch. Gain insight into the steps taken to attract and retain workers.

Restaurants Redux: Foodservice Preps for Post-Pandemic Profits

Explore how the stimulus package, rising COVID-19 vaccination rates and the return of dine-in services are poised to make business bloom this spring.

A Hunger for Safety: Digital Foodservice Links to Consumer Confidence

As consumer confidence drops with the rise in COVID-19 cases, restaurants leverage digital innovations for contactless delivery. Explore key strategies.

Restaurants Shift Gears on Reopening, Turn to Off-Premises as COVID-19 Cases Pick Up

The resurgence of COVID-19 in some states has made restaurant operations rethink resuming dine-in services. Explore the ramifications of re-closing.

Second Helpings: Large Restaurant Chains Pile Up Sales Despite COVID-19

Learn why national restaurant brands are rebounding from the COVID-19 crisis while sales at small chains and independent restaurants remain sluggish.

In Restaurants We Trust: New COVID-19 Cases Turn Up the Heat on Operator Credibility

Gain expert insight to navigate the challenges facing dine-in services at restaurants and prepare your foodservice operation for a resurgence of COVI9-19.

Full Steam Ahead: Delivery Foodservice Trend Faces Open Road in COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 has accelerated the use of delivery to drive revenue for restaurant operations. Explore the evolution of the trend and its impact at major chains.

New Directions: Off-Premise Innovation Steers Foodservice Sales During COVID-19 (Part 2)

Foodservice operations are finding ways to maximize business off premises during COVID-19. Learn why drive-throughs are a key source of off-premises sales.

A Downturn’s Upside: Coronavirus Crisis Causes Outbreak of Good News and Goodwill at Foodservice Operations

Restaurants are stepping up to the plate during the COVID-19 pandemic to help others. Explore a few examples of goodwill that have emerged from the crisis.

Plant-Based Foodservice Market Grows, Sprouts Debate

The influence of the plant-based foodservice trend is growing . Explore the pros and cons of plant-based menu innovation for restaurant operations.

Oh Say Can You Z: Gen Z On Target to Bring More Traffic On Premises in the U.S.

Gen Z is emerging as a driving force in foodservice trends. Gain insight to help tailor menu innovation to its tastes and encourage a higher check average.

Thirsty for Menu Innovation: Beverage Category Overflows with Potential

Beverage menu innovation helps foodservice sales flow. Explore how operators are riding a rising tide of beverage trends to a higher check average.

At The Culinary Crossroads: Non-Commercial Foodservice Trends

From over-the-top burgers to plant-based dishes to power bowls, non-commercial foodservice trends are evolving. Explore non-commercial menu innovation.

Market Bytes: Foodservice Tech Takes a Bigger Place at the Table

Tech innovation transforms foodservice operations. Explore the tech trends that help drive a higher check average in the millennial dining market.

Wrap Up: Juicy Morsels from the 2019 Global Foodservice Year in Review

What foodservice predictions panned out in 2019? Learn how the trends evolved and gain insight for menu innovation to help drive a higher check average.

Bite Off a Higher Check Average with Snackable Menu Options

As consumers swap full meals for small bites, snackable items become a key aspect of menu innovation. Learn how snacks help grow a higher check average.

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