Digital/Online Ordering

What You Need to Know About Gen Alpha: The Next Wave of Customers

Gen Alpha is poised to be restaurants’ next influx of new customers. To earn their business, operators need to know what — and how — to serve them.

A Call for Innovation: Foodservice Bottom Line Expected to Feast on Smartphone Tech in 2023

Self-order kiosks symbolize the foodservice tech revolution, but smartphones may soon replace them. Learn why smartphone tech is the future of foodservice.

Digging Deeper Into Digital: Restaurant Chains Ramp Up to Meet Consumer Demand

Consumers now expect foodservice to provide digital ease and convenience. Explore the data underscoring why brands like KCF are expanding digital access.

New Year, New Foodservice Frontiers: From Metaverse to the Universe and Back

How will technology continue to transform foodservice in 2023? Explore key trends and the impact they're expected to have on the restaurant industry.

Can-Do Kiosks: Major Chains Tap Kiosk Technology to Alleviate Labor Shortage

Major chains continue to turn to kiosks as a solution to the labor crisis. Learn how McDonald's, Panera, Taco Bell and others are integrating kiosks.

A Hunger for Convenience: Digital Innovation, From Fast Casual to C-Store Segments

Shake Shack is a beacon of digital innovation in the fast-casual segment. Now QuikTrip raises the bar for c-stores with frictionless cashier-free shopping.

Rising to the Challenge: Restaurant Chains Elevate the Customer Experience In-Store and Online

As demographics change, restaurant chains innovate the customer experience accordingly. Explore customer experience innovations from IHOP and Sweetgreen.

Metaverse Measures Up, Major Restaurant Brands Dig In

Top restaurant chains are hungry to tap the promotional potential of the metaverse. Explore Jimmy John's and Pizza Hut's ambitious metaverse initiatives.

Full Speed Ahead: Fast-Casuals Fast-Track Drive-Thru Innovations

From Chipotle's lucrative Chipotlane to Taco Bell's high-tech prototype Taco Bell Defy, drive-thrus are paving the way to the fast-casual future.

Think Fast: Top Fast-Casual Brands Intensify Focus on Faster, Easier Customer Experience

Fast-casual restaurant brands are expanding digital access. Learn how Shake Shack, Panera and others are building out an omnichannel customer experience.

No Bot About It: Big Restaurant Brands Love Robotic Labor Solutions

Restaurant robotics are reaching new levels of efficiency and versatility. Explore the latest robotic integrations at Panera Bread and Chili's Grill & Bar.

Restaurant Rebound: From Eating Losses to Platefuls of Profits

Learn how major restaurant chains like McDonald's, Starbucks and Domino's repositioned their brands for big sales over the course of the pandemic.

New Normal: Restaurant Industry’s Appetite for Change Reaches Fever Pitch

As the restaurant industry continues to morph, key trends emerge. Explore a few of the most prominent trends pointing to the future of foodservice.

Fresh Batch: Restaurant Chains Link Sales to New Digital Concepts

Major chains continue to cook up fresh customer experience concepts. Learn about IHOP's first loyalty program and Texas Roadhouse's pay-at-table tablets.

Urgent Delivery: Restaurant Operators Hungry for Innovative Solutions

Learn how innovative solutions, from robotics to ghost kitchens to rewards apps, have taken on new urgency with a two-month sales slump at restaurants.

Tech 2.0: Digital Innovation Tops Menu of Must-Haves for Restaurant Operations

Learn why a $50 million infusion of funds for food tech startup Lunchbox reflects the growing importance of contactless digital advances in foodservice.

Flexible Feast: Restaurant Prototypes Step Up to the Plate to Optimize the Customer Experience

Restaurant prototypes are taking tech advances to a new level for optimal flexibility. Explore the trend and what it means for the future of foodservice.

Food for Foresight:  Plating More Plants and Tapping More Tech

Learn why in 2022 and beyond rising consumer demand for wellness and safety will result in more plant-based items and tech integrations.

Big APPetite: Restaurant Apps Feed Need for Customer Experiences

Loyalty programs play an increasingly pivotal role in engaging consumers. Explore the evolution of loyalty apps and how they elevate customer experiences.

Movin’ On Up: Higher Check Averages and Drive-Thru Concepts Raise Restaurant Sales

November 2021 was a stellar month for the restaurant industry. Explore the statistics and trends like Chipotle Digital Kitchen propelling business forward.

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