Social Media

Social Media Feeds Menu Inspiration, Promotion

Get tips for improving your social media presence and leveraging social media as a tool for your restaurant and convenience store.

What You Need to Know About Gen Alpha: The Next Wave of Customers

Gen Alpha is poised to be restaurants’ next influx of new customers. To earn their business, operators need to know what — and how — to serve them.

Leveraging TikTok’s Influence in the Foodservice Industry

With short videos and a sizable foodie fan base, TikTok can be an effective way to promote their menu items and other dining experience aspects.

4 Tips for Crafting a Winning Dessert LTO

Seasonal flavors, familiar brands and other elements can turn the introduction of your summer limited-time offer dessert items into a can’t-miss event.

Time-Honored Elements from Latin Cuisine Are Enhancing Dessert Menus

Find out what traditional flavors from cuisine that originated in Mexico and other Latin countries are being incorporated into today’s desserts.

Of Posts and Palates: Viral Appeal Sells More Meals

As demand for digital grows, so does the importance of viral appeal for restaurant brands. Explore key examples of viral success for restaurant chains.

The Rise of Ghost Kitchens: What to Know

Find out how ghost kitchens are helping both established restaurants and new dining concepts make delivery a cost-effective option.

Socially Delectable: Foodservice Operators Savor Social and Digital Channels

Learn how the COVID-19 shift to social and digital channels resulted in pop-up restaurants on Instagram and a gold rush of consumer data for top chains.

Gotta Love It: Social Media Feeds the Need for Menu Innovation

Learn how social media drives menu innovation, compelling foodservice operations to strive for concepts with share-worthy flavor and visual appeal.

Keep on Truckin’: Millennial-Driven Mobile Foodservice Trends

Food trucks are a foodservice phenomenon among millennial snack enthusiasts. Learn how menu innovation at mobile eateries help drive a higher check average.

Go East, Young Man: Snacking Trends Surge in Asia

Snacking is booming in Asia. Discover the factors spurring snack trends and menu innovation in the region, where food service is undergoing a transformation.

Spotlight Interview #5: Glenn Garcia, Business manager, Dessert Ingredient Marketing: Change Your Menu with Innovative Applications

Gain valuable insight into the latest dessert trends from a foodservice expert and learn how dessert menu innovation can help drive a higher check average.

Brand Slam: Covering the Bases of Branded Snack Trends

Explore the challenges and opportunities facing big foodservice brands as they adapt to the millennial snack trends that help drive menu innovation.

Focus Pocus: The Magic of Millennial Foodservice Photos on Social Media

Discover how social media is transforming the millennial dining experience and how socially shared photos are driving menu innovation and a higher check average

Online Snack Trends: Tapping the Millennial Market

Explore stats, tips and insights pertaining to online snack trends, and learn how millennial snack preferences and online ordering shape foodservice e-commerce.

X-TRA Hot Foodservice Trends of Generation X

Gain insight into the too-often-overlooked Generation X, its purchasing power, snack trends and influence on menu innovation.

Z's Please: 5 Things Foodservice Must Know to Boost Gen Z Business

Stats and tips to help foodservice and restaurant operations tap into snacking trends in the emerging Gen Z market.

Marketing on the Menu: How to Put Promotions into Motion

Digital marketing tools and platforms make it easy to interact with customers and coordinate marketing promotions.

Millennials Are Hungry for Rewarding Food Promotions

With the rise of social media and devices that keep us connected 24/7, the sumptuous smorgasbord of food promotions has blown up into a full-out feeding frenzy for operators and consumers.

7 Must-Read Social Picture Post Tips for Operators

To help set you off on the right post, Restaurant News came up with a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” to help you create posts with real #ROI potential on Instagram.

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