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7 Must-Read Social Picture Post Tips for Operators

Instagram has more than arrived; it’s dominating. As a leading social media outlet, its ever-growing user base offers operators like you seemingly unlimited reach to interact with customers past, present and future.

ThinkstockPhotos-162424806.jpgBut as with any social channel, it has to be navigated with caution. One ill-conceived post, comment or response will live forever in the depths of the Internet. With that said, you don’t have to be afraid of posting on social media, you just have to be mindful of what you’re posting and what it says about your operation.

To help set you off on the right post, Restaurant News came up with a smart list of “Do’s and Don’ts” to help you create posts with real #ROI potential.


1. Focus on picture quality.

Make sure all posts are sharp and clear as possible. Natural light is best for shooting pleasing pics, but if you need extra help, try photo-editing apps like Afterlight to help you post like a pro.

2. Avoid too much blue.

Photos with reds and oranges are proven to get more engagement and response than posts with blue hues. So make sure your posts have these appetizing color schemes.

3. Shoot high.
The best angles are from above. This way you can get the whole dish and a little context of place and your operation’s vibe included in the shot. 

4. Fresh content is the best content.
Frequent posting can make it hard to find original ideas and new ways to talk to followers. Try keeping a running list of ideas you add to anytime something pops in your head. Then refer to it when you’re in need of Insta-inspiration. 

5. Be hashtag happy.
#Hashtags get your content noticed. Use them early and often to help your content spread. And #BeSpecific. Label your images with #fishtacos #instafood #nomnomnom. If your treats are made with a specific brand name ingredient, be sure to let the world know with hashtags that call out the coveted ingredient.

6. Keep it #brief and #trending.
The best hashtags get to the point. Skip #SuperDuperLongHashtags in favor of #short ones that get to the point. And keep an eye on trending hashtags to see how you can capitalize on what people are already talking about.

7. Find your voice.
Your voice and image are super important to cultivating your brand, keeping loyal patrons engaged and attracting new ones. So try new things—content types, language and tone—to evolve your image and become the brand you want to be.

So get out there in the digital world. Start posting and playing with the pics and words you share to gain attention for your operation and cultivate new traffic.

Do you use Instagram? What’s the most engaging post you’ve produced? #LetsChatSnacks to share it with us or tell us about it below.

Source: Tara Fitzpatrick, The dos and don’ts of using Instagram for restaurants,” Restaurant News, May 18, 2015, http://nrn.com/social-media/do-s-and-don-ts-using-instagram-restaurants

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