6 Snack and Dessert Trends for 2024

Learn about upcoming dessert trends and snacks for 2024. Find out about healthy snacks and new trending foods that are becoming popular.

Fast Track Snacks: Shareable Grab-and-Go Foods Feed Market Need

As snacking continues to replace full meals, small bites and shareables grow in popularity. Explore the small plates trend at restaurants and c-stores.

At The Plate: Foodservice Ready for More Hits Than Misses in 2023

The National Restaurant Association forecasts strong growth for foodservice, but economic challenges persist. Learn how top chains innovate to drive sales.

Small Bites, Big Sales: Foodservice Feasts on Snacks to Feed Bottom Line

As snacking replaces full meals, small bites grow in sales importance. Learn how the foodservice trend of small bites has evolved into big business.

Snacking and Socialization: A Successful Formula for Serving Customers in 2023

Struggling to boost on-premise sales? The solution could involve offering games and other activities, coupled with shareable and snack-focused menu items.

4 Trending Ways to Elevate Snacks

Tweaking familiar dishes to include a new flavor or format could be the menu addition that will pique consumer interest and help increase sales.

Right Bites: Restaurants Rework Menus for Snack-Happy Market

As small bites replace large meals, restaurant operations adjust menus for all-day snacking. Explore key data behind the latest trends in small plates.

Elevate the Movie Theater Experience with Crave-Worthy Concessions

Today’s moviegoers are looking for more than just plain popcorn—and theaters are meeting the demand with upscale food and beverages.

Bite to Treat: Building the Best Between-Meal Snack Menu

Consumers’ taste for snacks has increased—find out how you can meet the demand for between-meal menu items.

Snacking Comes of Age: Understand Generational Preferences to Position Your Menu for Success

Snacking has increased in recent years. Here’s how to customize your offerings to satisfy the unique preferences of every generation.

Plant-Based Snack Trend Sprouts Better-for-You Business

The plant-based foodservice trend is poised to help restaurant operations and other foodservice establishments grow a higher check average. Discover how consumer demand and millennial snack preferences are driving plant-based menu innovation.

Millennial Snack Trends Take a Bite Out Of Mealtime Business

The foodservice trend of snacks replacing meals is growing, turning menu innovation into snackification to help drive a higher check average at restaurant and other foodservice operations. Learn how millennial snack preferences and snacking trends are transforming the traditional foodservice approach to dayparts.

The Feel Deal: Texture Hits the Sweet Spot as a Snacking Trend

Engaging the senses for share-worthy experiences is a must for menu innovation meant to drive a higher check average among younger consumers. Learn why texture is expected to take hold as a sensory foodservice trend that restaurant operations will leverage to drive traffic among iGen and millennial snack enthusiasts.

Going with the Grain: Whole Grains Help Grow Foodservice Sales

Grains are making gains as a key foodservice trend. Learn about the grains foodservice operators are using to drive menu innovation for a higher check average.

Jams, Jellies and Preserves Make Sales Stick for Foodservice Operators

Learn how jelly, jams and preserves are evolving to bear fruit in a changing foodservice landscape and help drive a higher check average.

Noshing on Nostalgia: Snacking Staples Take the Cake

Millennial snack needs may stress novelty, but nostalgia is a multi-generational snack trend. Learn why menu innovation should combine novelty and nostalgia.

Digging Into the Millennial Snacker Mindset, Part 2

Discover the psychological factors that drive millennial snack trends and their effect on foodservice preferences across the general population.

Show and Sell: A Hunger for Merchandising

Explore merchandising strategies and millennial snack trends to help drive a higher check average at convenience store and other foodservice operations.

A Clean Sweep: 2017 Snack Trends

Stats, tips and insights to forecast snack trends for the upcoming year and help restaurant and foodservice operations thrive in 2017

Say Cheese: Snacking Trends That Make Consumers Smile

Stats and insights to help foodservice operators capitalize on snack tends and menu innovation in the surging cheese market.

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