Health & Wellness

The Breakroom: A Social and Business Destination

Employers look to operators to promote social connection and business engagement.

Yummy Yesteryear: Nostalgia Comforts Consumers, Nourishes Sales

Consumers hanker for the comfort of nostalgic food experiences. Learn how McDonald's and Burger King are leveraging nostalgia to lift sales.

Cool It! Summer LTOs Focus on Refreshing Fruit Flavors

Summer LTOs are making a splash on restaurant menus across America. Explore a few of the key fruit flavor profiles that slake operators' thirst for sales.

Hot Sellers: Summer Flavor Forecast Calls for Wave of Appetite-Whetting Trends

Summer sizzles with seasonal staples and trending twists on old favorites. Explore flavor forecasts from Datassential and EatingWell for summer menu ideas.

Platefuls of Potential: Food and Beverage Subscription Programs Evolve

Food and beverage subscription programs face new challenges and opportunities. Learn why subscription programs at some restaurant chains are growing.

Growth Spurt Alert: Flourishing Plant-Based Foods Sure to Keep Mushrooming on Menus

Plant-based foods keep flourishing as consumers balance health and indulgence. Learn how the trend has taken root with celebs and new product releases.

Food for Foresight:  Plating More Plants and Tapping More Tech

Learn why in 2022 and beyond rising consumer demand for wellness and safety will result in more plant-based items and tech integrations.

Own It! Franchisees Feed Bottom Line for Smaller Brands

Franchisees are paving the way for higher sales in 2022. Learn how Penn Station East Coast Subs and Bee Healthy Cafe are expanding franchise opportunities.

The Future of Functional: A Smorgasbord of Snack Sales for Foodservice Operators

The pandemic has accelerated the better-for-you snack trend. Learn about rising demand for options that balance gratifying flavor with nutritional value.

Under Wraps: What’s Next for Off-Premises Packaging?

Restaurants met evolving off-premises packaging needs last year. But are they ready to address new outdoor dining demands this summer?

Protein Power! The Future of Protein Alternatives in Foodservice

Plant-based meat alternatives are growing beyond burgers into a variety of options. Explore the latest protein alternatives, from plants to lab-grown meat.

All's Well That Delivers Wellness: Better-for-You Foodservice Trend Moves Forward with Meal Delivery

COVI9-19 has caused consumers to be more cautious and wellness-oriented in their foodservice choices. Learn how meal kits and delivery help them adapt.

Mindful Eating Snack Trend Gives Foodservice Operators Food for Thought

Learn how the shift away from traditional dieting to a more mindful approach to eating is influencing menu innovation for today's foodservice operators.

Mom Knows Best: Millennial Mom Snack Trends Set the Table for Sales

Millennial moms are shaping snack trends and the foodservice future. Gain key insights to help drive menu innovation for this increasingly influential cohort.

Fresh Perspective: C-Stores Strive for an “A” in Fresh Grab-and-Go Options

Learn how c-stores are driving a higher check average with menu innovation focused on the fresh foodservice trend and clean label snacks.

Better-for-You Buzzwords: Hold the Sugarcoating

Break down the buzzwords and build your bottom line with insights into better-for-you snacking trends and wellness-driven menu innovation.

Free-From Snack Trends Not Allergic to Success

Trace the trajectory of the allergen-free movement from foodservice trend to the mainstream, with tips to drive menu innovation and a higher check average.

Decadent Snacks Defy Better-for-You Foodservice Trends

Explore the popularity of indulgent snack trends and their impact on foodservice operations against the backdrop of the better-for-you and clean label movement.

Pouring It On: Better-For-You Beverage Trends

Insights and stats for the booming beverage market and its relation to nutrition-oriented millennial snack trends and clean label foodservice trends.

Going Crackers: In a Crunch to Get in on the Healthy Snacks Craze

Insights and stats on the foodservice trend of marketing crackers as healthy snacks, with tips to help foodservice operators boost cracker business.

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