Menu Strategy

A Taste for Tie-Ins: Celebrity Partnerships Propel Menu Innovation

Fast-casual restaurants are feasting on celebrity partnerships. Explore the trend of celebrity signature items at McDonald's, Dunkin', Friendly's and more.

Flying High: Limited-Time Offers Rising to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Limited-time offers are surging due to pent-up demand and the post-pandemic return of menu innovation. Learn about the latest ingenious LTO trends.

Social Media Feeds Menu Inspiration, Promotion

Get tips for improving your social media presence and leveraging social media as a tool for your restaurant and convenience store.

Sweet Spots: Dessert Diversification Bites and Insights

Indulgent desserts are trending as key to a balanced approach to wellbeing. Explore the diversity of desserts hitting the sweet spot in foodservice today.

The Perks: Post-COVID-19 Coffee Helps Give Healthcare Foodservice a Shot in the Arm

As COVID-19 fades, coffee demand perks up in healthcare foodservice. Learn why pairing coffee with the right foods is a must for healthcare operators.

How to Use Sweet Treats to Help Drive Profits

An enticing dessert menu can translate into higher sales — if restaurants are able to offer sweet treats that deliver what consumers want.

Whether Innovative or Traditional, Cookies Are a Sweet Classic

Discover cookie dessert menu innovations, trends, and recipes used by restaurants to increase customer satisfaction and excitement.

Small Bites, Big Sales: Foodservice Feasts on Snacks to Feed Bottom Line

As snacking replaces full meals, small bites grow in sales importance. Learn how the foodservice trend of small bites has evolved into big business.

What's Cooking? Creative Restaurant Concepts Ignite Imaginations, Dig Into Opportunities

Economic challenges persist, but pent-up demand paves the way for new restaurant concepts. Explore two concepts poised for exponential growth in 2023.

Tasty Trio: Three Up-and-Coming Chefs Help Feed Need for New Culinary Experiences

Economic challenges may persist, but there's a big appetite for new culinary experiences. Learn about 3 chefs at the forefront of menu innovation in 2023.

Spring Forward: Foodservice Operators Set the Table for Sales Growth

Foodservice operators look to spring for business to bloom. Explore menu trends for 3 key spring holidays: St. Patrick's Day, Easter and Mother's Day.

Raising The Bar: Dessert Bars Elevate Small Bites to Big Trend Status

Dessert boards are satisfying a pent-up appetite for shareable and customizable sweet treats. Trace the evolution of this key foodservice trend for 2023.

Great Explorations: Global Influences Elevate Menus with a World Of Culinary Creativity

Expect international influences to trend on menus in 2023. Explore global flavor forecasts from Technomic, Food Management and Mondelēz Foodservice.

Say Cheese! Pizza's Possibilities Sure to Make Foodservice Operators Smile in 2023

What culinary possibilities will pizza realize in 2023? Explore hot pizza trends and the latest pizza innovations from Taco Bell and Taco Cabana.

How to Effectively Promote Your Holiday Menu

Find out how to offer Christmas, Hanukkah and other fall and winter holiday-focused menu items that will draw customers during the season.

Limited-Time Offers, Unlimited Ingenuity: Specialty Items and Returning Favorites Feed Sales

New research from Datassential shows growth in LTO innovation, while proven concepts like the McRib continue to be go-tos to jumpstart buzz and sales.

Palatable Partnerships: Brand Mashups Serve Up Endless Possibilities

Major restaurant brands are partnering to expand their reach and points of access. Explore examples of how the co-branding trend boosts check averages.

Right Bites: Restaurants Rework Menus for Snack-Happy Market

As small bites replace large meals, restaurant operations adjust menus for all-day snacking. Explore key data behind the latest trends in small plates.

Oh Dough They Didn't! Upstart Pizza Chains Cook Up New Recipes for Success

As a versatile staple, pizza continues to power sales. Lean how fast-casual restaurant chains Pie Five and 7Pie are taking pizza innovation to new levels.

No Sustain, No Gain: Foodservice Feeds Bottom Line with Sustainability and Wellness

Sustainability has become a core catalyst for foodservice success. Explore how True Food Kitchen and Mondelēz International exemplify the sustainability trend.

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