Marketing & Communications

Social Media Feeds Menu Inspiration, Promotion

Get tips for improving your social media presence and leveraging social media as a tool for your restaurant and convenience store.

Brand Values: Tips and Insights for Restaurants

Supporting social causes can strengthen restaurants’ connection with both employees and customers — depending on how operators back initiatives.

How to Effectively Promote Your Holiday Menu

Find out how to offer Christmas, Hanukkah and other fall and winter holiday-focused menu items that will draw customers during the season.

Leveraging TikTok’s Influence in the Foodservice Industry

With short videos and a sizable foodie fan base, TikTok can be an effective way to promote their menu items and other dining experience aspects.

4 Tips for Crafting a Winning Dessert LTO

Seasonal flavors, familiar brands and other elements can turn the introduction of your summer limited-time offer dessert items into a can’t-miss event.

Time-Tested: Which Pandemic Practices Could Become Permanent?

Find out what adjustments operators across the country made during the pandemic—and how those moves are now helping them increase business.

Under Wraps: What’s Next for Off-Premises Packaging?

Restaurants met evolving off-premises packaging needs last year. But are they ready to address new outdoor dining demands this summer?

The Rise of Ghost Kitchens: What to Know

Find out how ghost kitchens are helping both established restaurants and new dining concepts make delivery a cost-effective option.

Snacking Comes of Age: Understand Generational Preferences to Position Your Menu for Success

Snacking has increased in recent years. Here’s how to customize your offerings to satisfy the unique preferences of every generation.

Good Deal: Foodservice Consumers Savor Social Responsibility

Social responsibility has become the key to unlock a higher check average. Learn why ethical business practices are now as important as menu innovation.

Thinking inside the Box: Meal Kit Concepts Open New Foodservice Horizons

Meal kits have morphed from subscription-only services to individual purchases at grocery stores. As major grocery chains gobble up meal kit brands, restaurant operations are poised to profit from their own meal kit concepts. Dig in deeper to the foodservice trend of meal kit menu innovation.

made to order: A Fresh Look at Online Restaurant Reviews

Consumers have a hearty appetite for restaurant review sites. As reviews become increasingly influential in the millennial dining market, online reputation management becomes critical to the bottom line. Explore popular review sites and proven ways restaurant operations can get the most out of them.

Pop-Up Power: Pop-Up Snack Shops Feed on a Strong Foodservice Trend

Millennial snack enthusiasts look to snacks for more than just a between-meal treat. As with millennial dining, snacking has expanded into an multifaceted experience. Learn how three high-profile pop-ups meet the millennial demand driving experiential snack trends and menu innovation.

Late Boomers: Baby Boomer-Focused Foodservice poised to Flourish

Millennial dining looms large for restaurant operations, but grasping the preferences and expectations of baby boomers also helps drive a higher check average. Explore how this huge foodservice demographic with abundant disposable income could result in a sales boom with the right menu innovation.

No Retain, No Gain: How Savvy Restaurant Operations Bring Customers Back to the Table

Customer loyalty is a must for foodservice success, whether you're a profitable franchise or a startup in a tricky millennial dining market. Explore foodservice rewards, menu innovation and other best practices that help restaurant operations build guest retention for a higher check average.

An Appetite for Apps: Digging in to Digital foodservice trends (part 2)

Mobile apps are delivering a higher check average for small, independent and highly profitable restaurant operations. Explore the innovations taking restaurant apps to new heights and learn how app technology is altering the foodservice landscape and influencing millennial dining.

To Catch a Unicorn: Colorful Foodservice Trend Captures Millennial Market

Unicorn food concepts are social media sensations and foodservice marketing musts, altering the millennial snack market, encouraging a higher check average and inspiring menu innovation. Learn how these fabled food promotions can help boost buzz and business for your foodservice operation.

Meal Kits Offered in Stores Bite into Foodservice Market Share

As national grocery chains go into the meal kit business, restaurant and other foodservice operators pick up on the trend. Discover how the ease and convenience of meal kits open new horizons of foodservice customer service and menu innovation tailored to millennial dining preferences.

Gotta Love It: Social Media Feeds the Need for Menu Innovation

Learn how social media drives menu innovation, compelling foodservice operations to strive for concepts with share-worthy flavor and visual appeal.

Mom Knows Best: Millennial Mom Snack Trends Set the Table for Sales

Millennial moms are shaping snack trends and the foodservice future. Gain key insights to help drive menu innovation for this increasingly influential cohort.

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