Fast-Food Restaurants

Yummy Yesteryear: Nostalgia Comforts Consumers, Nourishes Sales

Consumers hanker for the comfort of nostalgic food experiences. Learn how McDonald's and Burger King are leveraging nostalgia to lift sales.

Full Speed Ahead: Fast-Casuals Fast-Track Drive-Thru Innovations

From Chipotle's lucrative Chipotlane to Taco Bell's high-tech prototype Taco Bell Defy, drive-thrus are paving the way to the fast-casual future.

Food Flight: Delivery and Safety Reach New Heights

Sky-high digital sales at Wendy, drone delivery at It's Just Wings and RFID food safety tech at Chipotle's point to a future of unlimited possibilities.

Menu Innovation Mania: Global Trends Reflect Hunger for Fearless Flavor Profiles

To meet high demand, top restaurant brands are cooking up bold takes on menu items. Explore inventive mashups introduced in Asia and other innovations.

Class Act: Restaurant Brands Step Up to the Plate to Thank and Support Educators

Today's consumers favor restaurant brands that share their values and support worthy causes. Explore what McDonald's and SONIC are doing for educators.

Not Chicken Feed: Burgers Still Beef Up Bottom Line More Than Chicken

Burgers continue to feed the bottom line as restaurant chains introduce endless variations on this versatile staple. Explore the latest burger innovations.

Digital Tech Investments Connect Big Restaurant Brands with Big ROI

Major investments in digital tech keep paying off for big restaurant brands. Explore the pandemic-propelled innovations paving the way to higher profits.

A Thirst for Sales: Nonalcohol Beverages Help Restaurant Operations Refresh Business

Menus are filling up on nonalcoholic beverage concepts at major chains. Explore the latest taste trends, from dessert-inspired drinks to vegan varieties.

Growing ... Growing ...Not Gone: Big Restaurant Brands Post Big Sales Despite Pandemic

Even as concerns over the Delta variant persist, major restaurant brands post surging sales. Learn how Burger King, KFC and others are boosting business.

Secret to Success: Major Restaurant Chains Crack Code of Customization with Secret Menus

Secret menus provide foodservice operations with cost-effective opportunities for customization. Explore secret menu items from major restaurant chains.

Rustling Up Resiliency: Top Chains Make Big Gains Despite Pandemic

Explore how major restaurant chains have managed to boost sales despite COVID-19 and learn what to expect as they continue to build on their success.

Sizzling Sales: Burger Chains Post Beefy Gains

McDonald's and Wendy's exemplify the trend of fast-food restaurants accelerating sales during COVID-19. Learn how the burger giants eat up market share.

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