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6 Snack and Dessert Trends for 2024

Learn about upcoming dessert trends and snacks for 2024. Find out about healthy snacks and new trending foods that are becoming popular.

Shifting Gears: Quick Service and Fast-Casual Twists and Turns

Fast casual and quick service restaurants are poised for big growth. Learn how Subway and Sizzler are navigating challenges and maximizing opportunities.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages Create Excitement on Foodservice Menus

Learn about current beverage trends in 2023 and find new ideas for restaurant mocktails and for the non-alcoholic beverage market.

Creative Dessert Images Capture ‘Likes’—and Drive Sales

Learn more about the great benefits of restaurant Instagram marketing and unique Instagrammable desserts for food businesses.

Global Street Foods Offer Portable Culinary Experiences

Global trends around street foods are having an increasing impact on restaurant menus in 2023 and beyond. Learn more about these trends.

Breakfast Opportunities Evolve in Wake of Pandemic

Learn about the latest breakfast trends, brunch options, and trending menu ideas to optimize your restaurants from Mondelēz’s experts.

Can-Do Kiosks: Major Chains Tap Kiosk Technology to Alleviate Labor Shortage

Major chains continue to turn to kiosks as a solution to the labor crisis. Learn how McDonald's, Panera, Taco Bell and others are integrating kiosks.

Happy Graze: Good News Feeds Foodservice Optimism

Foodservice operators are digging into a steady course of good news. Puttshack funding and sales at Subway and Domino's are signs of a strong recovery.

Leveraging TikTok’s Influence in the Foodservice Industry

With short videos and a sizable foodie fan base, TikTok can be an effective way to promote their menu items and other dining experience aspects.

Franchise Frenzy: The Boom in Fast-Casual Segment Franchise Opportunities

In 2022, franchise restaurant locations may offer more branded menu items, ordering options and other new elements to help boost business.

Not Chicken Feed: Burgers Still Beef Up Bottom Line More Than Chicken

Burgers continue to feed the bottom line as restaurant chains introduce endless variations on this versatile staple. Explore the latest burger innovations.

Not Winging It: More Chicken Innovation, Higher Sales

As the chicken sandwich wars heat up, quick service restaurants find ways to differentiate their chicken offerings and elevate the customer experience.

Time-Tested: Which Pandemic Practices Could Become Permanent?

Find out what adjustments operators across the country made during the pandemic—and how those moves are now helping them increase business.

Functional Meets Flavorful: Plant-Based Concepts Keep Growing

Plant-based chicken and burgers satisfy the growing appetite for flavor and function. Learn how Project Pollo and Odd Burger are meeting consumer demand.

Power Breakfast: What Consumers Want (Now) from This All-Important Meal

Discover which flavor, format and other breakfast trends today’s consumers want commercial and noncommercial foodservice, micro market and vending operators to provide.

Extra Helping: Foodservice Operators Tap More Tech to Propel Profits

Tech innovations at major restaurant brands are opening up new sales horizons. Learn how drones and digital are poised to propel profits to new heights.

Hot Streak: Restaurant Business Heats Up as Pandemic Winds Down

Applebee's, Chipotle and Dave & Buster's are among the major restaurant chains on the rebound. Learn how they're cooking up post-pandemic profitability.

A Hearty Appetite for Automation: Top Restaurant Chains Tap Next-Gen Tech to Feed Sales

COVID-19 accelerated foodservice innovation. Learn how Domino's and McDonald's are testing next-gen tech to extend the momentum for post-pandemic profits.

Taking the Cake: Trending Flavors That Will Boost Dessert Sales

Tapping into trending tastes and ingredients can help you offer buzzworthy desserts, which will make your menu stand out from the competition.

Leaner, Faster, Smarter: Menus Shrink, Drive-Thrus Pick Up Speed

The aftershocks of the pandemic are sure to linger, as restaurant chains continue to pare down menus and reimagine the dining experience, off premises and on.

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