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Social Media Marketing is Made For Millennials

shutterstock_292297256.jpgLet’s face it: people drool over social food porn. Viewing it is as much of a guilty pleasure as eating it. And nobody follows, likes and shares it more than millennials. This year alone, 48.2 million millennials are projected to use Instagram. And by 2019, nearly two-thirds of millennials will be using their smartphones to feast their eyes on the site.1

So it’s no surprise that social media marketing offers operators a huge opportunity as Millennials are more than happy to share personal data in return for a little recognition.2 A smart social strategy gives you a window into what Millennial customers like so in return, you can tailor promotions that encourage brand loyalty and repeat business.

To feed the insatiable millennial appetite for engagement, brands are tapping into major social networks to attract and interact with Millennials.

Sonic, for one, has created a line of shakes—touting premium ingredients and flavors like lavender and Madagascar vanilla—made especially for an Instagram promotion that ties into the popular Southern CA music festival, Coachella.3

The cost to the consumer? A photo of the decadent shake posted to their Instagram page, with the goal being to build a community through engagement rather than increase sales. And thanks to a location-based mobile service, the brand will be able to pinpoint where orders are coming from at the festival and deliver them during the show.

Another interesting Insta-engagements of days past include, Dunkin Donuts tempted its social network with a promotion asking followers to “UpgraDDe Your Sandwich,” wherein consumers shared images of their homemade (and usually lackluster) lunch for a chance to win a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card.

As you can see, the social possibilities—and reach—are endless. Just be sure to keep social promotions fresh, relevant and responsive to your consumer base to keep them interested and engaged in your brand.

Have you run any interesting social promotions? Share your ideas and success stories below.

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