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What You Need to Know About Gen Alpha: The Next Wave of Customers

Gen Alpha is poised to be restaurants’ next influx of new customers. To earn their business, operators need to know what — and how — to serve them.

Leveraging TikTok’s Influence in the Foodservice Industry

With short videos and a sizable foodie fan base, TikTok can be an effective way to promote their menu items and other dining experience aspects.

Fresh Batch: Restaurant Chains Link Sales to New Digital Concepts

Major chains continue to cook up fresh customer experience concepts. Learn about IHOP's first loyalty program and Texas Roadhouse's pay-at-table tablets.

Tapping Out: Price-Sensitive Consumers Shift to Apps and Drive-Thrus

As restaurant prices rise, the consumer appetite for ways to save grows. Learn how restaurant apps and drive-thrus are delivering value for consumers.

Class Act: Restaurant Brands Step Up to the Plate to Thank and Support Educators

Today's consumers favor restaurant brands that share their values and support worthy causes. Explore what McDonald's and SONIC are doing for educators.

Digital Tech Investments Connect Big Restaurant Brands with Big ROI

Major investments in digital tech keep paying off for big restaurant brands. Explore the pandemic-propelled innovations paving the way to higher profits.

Under Wraps: What’s Next for Off-Premises Packaging?

Restaurants met evolving off-premises packaging needs last year. But are they ready to address new outdoor dining demands this summer?

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