Micro Markets & Vending

A Top Priority for Customers Today – Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks are now a high priority.

Capitalize on the Surge in Snacking With These 3 Insights

Snacking insights are key to driving sales in vending and micro markets.

Top Snacking Insights from NAMA

Operators focus on snacking data to drive sales.

Give Your Best Drivers a Pat on the Back in 2023

Route drivers deserve recognition.

The Breakroom: A Social and Business Destination

Employers look to operators to promote social connection and business engagement.

Consumer Snacking Is Mindful, Not One-Size-Fits-All

Consumers are taking a more mindful approach to determine their snacking preferences. Our State of Snacking report studied consumer preferences from around the world.

Va-Va-Vending: Technology Transforms Vending Machines into 24/7 Restaurants

No longer just a source for prepackaged snacks, vending machines are now purveyors of gourmet-quality meals. Explore two revolutionary vending machines.

Care Package: What Sustainable Packaging Means for the Vending and Micro Market Sector

Consumers want sustainable options—which micro market and vending service providers can supply via recycled, compostable and other types of packaging.

How Noncommercial Operators Can Maximize Sales With Prepackaged Snacks

The demand for prepackaged snacks rose during the pandemic. Offering them after it will potentially increase healthcare and hotel operators’ sales.

Power Breakfast: What Consumers Want (Now) from This All-Important Meal

Discover which flavor, format and other breakfast trends today’s consumers want commercial and noncommercial foodservice, micro market and vending operators to provide.

Spotlight Interview #3: Rachel Reed, Business Manager, Branded Snacks, Candy & Gum: Merchandising in Your Operation

Expert tips and insights to help foodservice operations drive a higher check average and boost millennial snack sales through effective merchandising.

The Rise (And Shine) of Breakfast

According to estimates by the NPD Group, breakfast and morning snack consumption is expected to grow 5% through 2019—ahead of the expected population growth

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