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Branded Snacks Add Oomph to Treat Selections

When it comes to snack selection, branded options have the upper hand.1 Recognizable brand names give consumers a sense of comfort.1 They know what to expect and trust the product’s flavor and quality.1 And bonus, that trust halo can extend to your operation to help you build repeat traffic.

Not to say that consumers don’t enjoy exploring new snacks. They do. But a strong selection of familiar favorites can go a long way toward building lasting relationships with consumers.

In addition to shelf life, branded snacks have regulated and therefore standardized nutrition labels consumers are accustomed to seeing. These nutrition labels can be a huge help for time-crunched snack seekers when compared to unbranded/homemade snacks that may not have a nutrition label at all.1 Familiar packaging makes the grab-and-go moment that much faster since consumers don’t have to spend time mulling over unfamiliar label information structre.1

And don’t forget to incorporate branded snacks into your menu too. They can grab attention and give desserts a boost. Get creative. Maybe a combination of seasonal and familiar branded flavors to drive LTO urgency?

Long story short, make sure there’s plenty of room on your shelves and in your menu for branded snacks.

How do you use and market branded snacks in your business? Share your stories below.

1. Datassential, Custom Mondelēz Snacking Report, November 2015

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