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March Is a Crazy Time for Snack Sales

College basketball means many things. Big games. Team pride. Cinderella stories. And serious snacking. Really, what’s a game if not a chance to gather, cheer and munch on your favorite treats?

This year, college basketball’s championship season merges with St. Patrick’s Day for one heck of a cross-promotion opportunity. The pair of celebration-centered events is just begging for crossover LTOs.

You could offer savings on treats that tie to the home team’s colors, feature a St. Paddy’s Day shake, or try bundling a trio of products and call it a “3-Pointer.”

Hungry for more ideas? Create a snack bracket where customers can vote for their favorite snacks throughout the tournament, feature a dessert pizza as a sweet second-round special or commiserate with the losing team by offering a send-off special to soothe bummed-out fans.

Make sure you’re ready for tipoff time with dishes that satisfy the masses. On game days, promote shareable snacks and apps in your establishment. You can even assign fun names that tie into the event, like “Slam Dunk Artichoke Dip” or “Game Time Fried Spiced Green Beans” to further solidify your place as a go-to game-day destination.

And don’t forget to focus on to-go food. Weekday games drive workplace orders—up 7% as employers see sports events as a morale-building opportunity.1 Menuing fun, flavorful dishes that travel well will help you stay top-of-mind as the source for takeout party snacks.

Really, anything that amps up the excitement and generates repeat traffic throughout the tournament is a win. And regardless of who you root for, college basketball and St. Patrick’s Day LTOs and themed treats are a great way to show you’re in the snack game.

What are your craziest March promotion ideas? Share ’em below. 

1. Thorn, Bret. “March Madness can be a boon to restaurant takeout, Grubhub Finds,” Nation’s Restaurant News, March 19, 2015

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