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Two Brands Are Better Than One

Everyone could use a boost from a buddy sometimes. Brands are no different. Pairing popular brands can skyrocket reach and create crossover appeal.

Co-branding is so common, most of us don’t even realize brands are doing it. Branded soda cups at QSRs. Desserts calling out famous cookies and candies. Specialty sauces featured on menu items. See what we mean?

And there’s good reason our industry is so keen on co-branding: Consumers see brand besties as a premium powerhouse, lending a quality halo to one another.1

For operators, LTOs and menu items featuring a duo of recognizable brands open up opportunities to help boost sales.1 Bonus: A little extra of that premium halo might just rub off on your restaurant, as consumers could see you as the place to go to enjoy their favorite brands. Just sayin’.

But don’t just throw two big names together willy-nilly and think it will fly. To create cool LTOs, start strategically with one brand and craft something that highlights and complements its companion.1 Plus, branded ingredients can help out with kitchen efficiency, as staff won’t have to fool around with recipes to recreate iconic flavors—they can just go right to the source.

 So go ahead, take a chance on co-branded LTOs. Not only can they help you attract fans of both brands, they can give you a chance to experiment with your menu, test innovative flavor combos and create exciting new items, all while coloring safely within big, bold, well-defined brand lines.

 1 Mintel Menu Insights, Weekly Snapshot, “Brand Buddies,” March 6, 2015

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