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Thin is In

Thinner is inner than ever before. No, we’re not talking waist size. We mean snack size. Slimmer versions of favorite treats are popping up more and more as brands aim to please snackers who want the satisfaction of eating their fave flavors without piling on extra calories.1

These slightly thiner versions are the result of the growing better-for-you snack trend.1 And a great go-between for consumers who want to eat better, but don’t want to give up treating themselves to their favorite brands. Plus, thinner snacks add an extra-crunchy taste experience that may further overall snack satisfaction.1

And as Americans move away from regularly scheduled traditional meals to more of a grazing culture, thinner snacks can play a key role in balancing the nutrition consumers want and the sweet (or savory) gratification they desire.

What do you think of the thinning snack trend? Tell us below.

1. Schouten, Rebekah, “Snack Trend: Think Thin” Food Business News, January 7, 2016, http://www.foodbusinessnews.net/articles/news_home/Consumer_Trends/2016/01/Snack_trend_Think_thin.aspx?ID={D93CF5FA-F0A9-460F-AE21-6A4202402A49}

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