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Love At First Bite?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. What’s true in life is true in food. You have one bite to make a big impact. That’s why you need to consider the entire experience when whipping up new recipes.

Whether it is chewy, crunchy or creamy, the way food feels is a major choice driver and enjoyment factor.1 So when planning out a new recipe, think about how flavors and textures play together.

Many independent chefs, like pastry chef Kim Darisse, are leaning toward the crunchy side and looking for ways to add contrast to every bite. At Outlook Kitchen and Bar in Boston, Chef Darisse’s dish of the moment is a Campfire Torte, which blends soft brûléed meringue and chocolate ganache with a graham cracker crust. Topped with marshmallow and charcoaled salt and finished with a crunchy hazelnut lace, it’s got the sweet-soft-crunch balance down pat.1

So when you’re out to make your next great signature sweet, don’t be shy about mixing textures and flavors. Try alternating layers of smooth, creamy and crunchy. Maybe a mousse or ice cream intermixed with bits of peanut brittle or toffee. Oooo, or what about a homemade mega cookie with gooey chocolate and nuts? The delectable combinations are endless.

How do you balance flavors and textures? Share your best recipes and ideas below.

1. Glazer, Fern. Nation’s Restaurant News, “Pastry chefs make desserts that go crunch”, November 3, 2015. http://nrn.com/dessert-trends/pastry-chefs-make-desserts-go-crunch       

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