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Sometimes a little comfort food is in order. And when anxiety levels hit Mach 5, it’s pretty improbable that a salad will satisfy. More likely, many will reach for a less-than-wholesome option when trying to cure what emotionally ails them. About half of Americans admit they choose foods that are high in fat and calories when they’re stressed out.1 Maybe the other half just doesn’t want to own up?

So what’s your solution? Be prepared for stressed-out demand.

Considering 90% of people say “there’s nothing like a home cooked meal,” homestyle dishes and nostalgic treats like the ones mom used to make could just cure a bought of homesickness. Oh, and keeping cozy soups on hand during flu season can help ease those feeling under the weather.

But who says comfort foods are only for the worried? People like to celebrate happy occasions with classic comforts too. Cake is the second most celebratory food on the planet.1 And really, who among us hasn’t had a slice or two hundred of birthday cake in our lifetimes?

So whether they’re sad, sick or celebrating, make sure you’ve got the dishes and desserts brighten the day.

What’s your favorite comfort food to enjoy and serve in your operation?

1. Food Navigator, “Top comfort foods vary by occasion, but all are indulgent, survey finds,” Elizabeth Crawford, 26-Jan-2016. http://www.foodnavigator-usa.com/R-D/Top-comfort-foods-vary-by-occasion-but-all-are-indulgent-survey-finds 

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