The New Foodservice Norm

The Battle for Away-From-Home Dining Dollars in a Competitive Landscape

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Did you know? 63% of consumers are spending the same amount on foodservice, but visiting a wider variety of places.1

In a fast-changing market with an ever-growing array of food and beverage options, operators need insight into consumer behavior to meet high expectations of convenience, freshness and experience.

In this report, we highlight:

  • The different consumer segments and where they're spending their money.

  • Insight into the factors fueling the rise of the competitionand the three biggest competitors to look for.

  • Solutions to help you and your operation stand out and win big.

1. Monnette, Sara and Weikel, Kelly, The Consumers of Tomorrow (Restaurant Directions conference seminar June (2018), Technomic, p. 10